Precision deburring services provider
11 January 2023 - 18:38, by , in Metal and Plastic Deburring, Comments off

Your company needs more employees. You hire more employees and they are willing to work with your company but they have no experience in a machine shop. You need people to remove the burrs from machined pieces you need to find one of your employees to train them on how to debur because you are busy making sure that your customers are happy with your product those products come in through receiving as raw materials then are processed on the machine shop floor by trusted employees who have been working for you and are well trained. They can remove the raw edges off the product while waiting for the next piece to be finished so people handling them don’t get injured. After your product has gone through the manufacturing processes there are still many issues with burrs visible to the naked eye up to 30x that need removal so they can be sent on to quality control making sure the product is properly handled and completely free from burrs without damage such as dents or scratching.

Special skills are required to remove these burrs without changing the edges and rounding them giving a break changing dimensions. If that’s done the part that just cost money and months to manufacture has to be completely replaced . Wasting time and money. Maybe you think it’s too much of an effort to send out samples for deburring then to have QC check them , but in the long run you have found a professional who can finish your project by only removing the burrs without removing base material. The product can go into QC and be ready for packaging and shipping to your customers

Precision deburring is the removal of sharp particles or edges often left on parts as a result of machining operations.