Metal Precision Deburring Services
24 April 2022 - 14:59, by , in Metal and Plastic Deburring, Comments off

During this period of time in history, the Covid virus has been unrelenting changing variants quickly, forcing the world to work remotely. Most machine shops are suffering from a lack of workers slowing productivity down immensely. Deburrers are very difficult to find. Also training each person is a difficult task in itself. Loss of revenue also makes it harder for companies to pay new machinists, shippers & receivers and of course newly hired deburrers. JE Marble Precision Deburring has our employees up and ready to work for you to make sure projects go out on time. Defense is our largest part of the business. With wars raging around the world it is essential that parts be ready to ship. Defense parts need to go out of Quality Control quickly and efficiently. Checking the parts for 100% inspection is what we do so there’s no need to inspect every piece. A spot check should be all that is needed. The only material we do not do anymore is stainless steel. Our process does not work quickly on these types of parts. We have also been working on parts for satellites for communication and defense. We are proud to say that not only do we strive to protect our country we help others to become independent and safe .