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Our expertise is precision deburring from machined pieces, visual to 30x on all components, for defense, aeronautics, aerospace, medical, electronics, communications, radar, sonar, and a variety of other fields. Our metal and plastic finishing process is superior to tumble deburring.

Our process helps our clients save thousands on production expenses. Rather than compensating your staff and providing a benefit package, our staff can do it for you more efficiently and at a lower cost.

We remove only the burr and do not touch any base material so as not to change critical dimensions of the piece. We can also alert you to quality control issues during the production run that may cause your machined parts to fall out of specifications when they are finished.

We are proud of our craftsmanship and 100% quality assurance on all pieces.

I would be happy to meet with you to discuss your deburring needs. Or you can send a few samples of your parts taken directly from the machine with a marked print. We will deburr the pieces and return the completed samples for your review with a quote and delivery schedule.

James Edward Marble

JE Marble Precision Deburring was previously know as Marble Engineering.

The founder of the company was James Edward Marble. In 1953 James, first opened his home business in the basement of his home. When Mr. Marble passed away in 1986 Joyce Elaine Marble stayed and ran the buisiness. Now we are a small, woman owned company.

Companies use our service because they then have the option to outsource instead of taking their most valued machinist to sit an deburr. They find it easier than hiring someone who they have to train. Also it is less expensive because they don’t have to pay for health, 401K’s, or worker’s comp.
If you have project that needs deburring please send some sample pieces mark up a print and we will deburr it and give you a quote.

Joyce Marble